Album - The Family Tree: "Oh My"

Most of the Tribal East members met while travelling to their hometown 'Hargeisa, Somalia' in 2016. After finding out they all make music they went back to their respective cities promising to keep in touch and make music together! While in Toronto, Hanad Bandz was introduced to Prenze by their mutual nephew; Tavari. Once Hanad and Prenze met, they kicked it off and had great chemistry. After a few collobrations and features together they began to form the early stages of Tribal East & eventually the group was created.

Band Members:

Hanad Bandz
Hanad Bandz is a multifaceted recording artist whose versatility and catchy melodic sound heightens the soundscape of his music. Although he hails from Toronto, Canada he has been known to draw inspiration from his African heritage and other worldly influences which gives his music a life of its own outside the city.

Prenze is a lyrical rapper from Scarborough, Ontario. A poetical emcee that can paint pictures with his word-play then effortlessly make a pop song full of cheeky metaphors. A best of both worlds artist.

Tavari is a vocalist from Seattle, Washington with a melodic afro pop and R&B background. He brings a diversity to the group with his catchy melodic riffs. It just so happens that he is also related to two members, making this group truly a 'Family Tree'.

Proffit is a rapper originally from The Bay Area. His gritty lyricism along with his distinctive voice makes him stand out. His smooth laidback undertone seamlessly fits him into the melodic records produced by Tribal East.

New lyric video for "All You Need"


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