Current Management tracks singles, for both signed and unsigned Indie artists, at commercial Pop, Alternative/Modern Rock, AC, and Country radio stations in Canada.

Current Management not only handles personal management for its own signed recording artists, but also shops demos and finished CD's for unsigned artists, to record labels and music publishers in Canada and the U.S.

Current Management can also design individual and personalized, print, radio, TV, and online promotion and publicity campaigns for artists, on either a local, regional, or national scale.

The costs for our services are lower than any of our competitors in the music industry, and once a relationship has been established between the artist and the company, Current Management will consider entering into a formal management agreement with the artist, and working on an agreed percentage basis.

  • 1) The cost to track a single to 50 key radio stations in Canada for 5 weeks - along with the Music Press (eg: Cashbox/Billboard, Spill Magazine, FYI Music News, Music Express) is $1000.00, and for 10 weeks is $1,750.00. This includes delivery to radio via DMDS, and weekly Tracking Reports sent to the artist.
  • 2) The cost to shop major and independent labels in Canada is $1,500 and $2,500 to shop both Canada and the U.S.
  • 3) The cost to shop music publishers in Canada is $1,000 and to shop both Canada and U.S. music publishers is $1,500.
  • 4) Print media promotion and Soundtrack services and fees available upon request.