SINGLE: "Walking In A Storm"

Album - WRITTEN ON THE WIND: "Written On The Wind"

Fergus Hambleton is a versatile singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist who, during his illustrious career, has been a leading performer and songwriter in the folk, pop and reggae music arenas. Fronting the Juno Award winning reggae outfit, The Sattalites and enjoying a successful solo career are among his many musical achievements.

"Written On The Wind” is the latest example of Fergus' diverse musical abilities. With simple straightforward arrangements produced by George Koller and Fergus at Number Nine Studios in Toronto, "Written On The Wind" features 10 new original songs that highlight Fergus' diverse musical abilities, along with a unique take on the Brian Hyland classic "Sealed With a Kiss" that features George Koller on bass.

Fergus is also busy with a variety of band projects, and continues to play live on a regular basis with The Sattalites, his ongoing Tuesday Night Club, and his own jazz ensemble The Jazz Lovers Society. Currently living in Toronto, Fergus has a busy teaching and performing schedule. Armed with a life-long quest for knowledge, Fergus has immersed himself in a wide range of musical interests and has made a keen study of the history of music, the technology behind the music business and the inter-connections between different styles of music.


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